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Brew Day with Jeff

Here’s some pics from a brew day last weekend with my good buddy Jeff. We both brewed different versions of a Cascadian Dark Ale, which is an emerging style that may be included in the next BJCP version. I’m calling … Continue reading

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Homebrewers are the backbone of craft brewing

“Here’s to the most local beer in the world – homebrew!” – Charlie Papazian From On Saturday morning, the “When Homebrewers Go Pro: Starting Your Own Brewery” panel was packed. Like much of the conference: Steve Parkes (American Brewers … Continue reading

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brewers: check out

I just discovered this website for brewers. Check it out. Tons of great information.

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some pics of part of the dungeon

Here’s some pics I just stumbled onto while searching a backup drive. These are just a few pics taken of “the dungeon” (which is what my kids used to call the basement I used for homebrewing). I guess I took … Continue reading

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AU grad student|homebrewer fridge

Here’s a pic of one of the Auburn Brew Club member’s refrigerator. Brandon Herrick is an AU grad student (of age for sure) and has his priorities in order. Notice the content of his fridge. There’s a decent supply of … Continue reading

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my notes from Brew Strong: Why Adjust Your Water

I think the last science class I ever took was in the 9th grade. Most chemistry is very foreign to me. One of the reasons I’ve enjoyed homebrewing so much is because it stretches my mind in a new direction. … Continue reading

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my old about me page

posting this left over from… just posting this because I don’t want to lose it. I’ll update the links sometime and do a new About page. **** Last update June 2008 I love homebrewing. It is my only hobby, … Continue reading

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