kitty likes to lay everywhere

I’m moving a bunch of pictures off my phone, and I know you all want to see these. Yes, the most sought after subject matter on the internet, and ooooo’d and aaaahh’d images on social networks everywhere… kitty cat pictures. Our kitty will lay anywhere to have a good nap.

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Lee County Road 54 (Society Hill Road)

There’s lots of beautiful scenery in Lee County if you ever have chances to get out and meander around, taking your time to stop and look from time to time. Here’s a few scenes south of Auburn on Lee County Road 54, also known as Society Hill Road. We were looking for Randall Farms, but they’re closed on Sundays. (subscribe to their blog here). There’s a bridge out about 4 miles south of Moore’s Mill Road, so we didn’t make it all the way down to Society Hill, but there’s still some good scenery on those 4 miles. Here’s a few:

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longest my hair has ever been

I’ve been looking through a bunch of photos today, and I couldn’t resist…. I know alot of my old workmates are gonna find this hilarious. This is about 18 months worth, with only an occasional trim to clean it up and let the sides catch up with the back. This was taken in June, just a few weeks before I finally had a bunch of it cut off.

longest my hair has ever been

And then there’s these other pics… one from approx. 1997 with horn-rimmed glasses showing how dorky I was, one from 2003 that I was always happy with but will have to just settle for remembering as the good old days because I’m too fat to pull it off again now, one from 2008 showing my failed attempt to grow a beard, and then another one from this June before I got it cut again showing how I was having to pull it back behind my ears all the time, especially in this 100 degree heat.

Now what I’m looking for is something in between the dorky book nerd lawyer look and the long-haired southern hippie brewer look. I’d like a style that’ll allow me to show up in court if I get back to doing any legal work on the one hand, and on the other hand a style that makes a different kind of statement… I just haven’t quite been able to articulate what the statement is yet.

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some old high school pics

Here’s some old pics I found of me and some friends from Skyview Academy in Memphis. Check out the 80s tight shorts and tank top. And I’m not sure much has changed with teenagers posing as stupidly as possible every time a camera is around, only it doesn’t take a week to get the pics developed anymore. Yes, It’s true… I used to be really thin and in shape and could walk around without a shirt. Pictured in these with me are friends Scott Murphy, Nick Howard, Brian Norman, Billy Speight and Roy Rush. In the football pic, I’m #60 playing center and had just snapped the ball to Chris Godwin, and Scott Murphy is #79 playing guard.

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Homebrewers are the backbone of craft brewing

some of Huntsville's Rocket City Brewers at the 2010 National Homebrewers Conference“Here’s to the most local beer in the world – homebrew!” – Charlie Papazian


On Saturday morning, the “When Homebrewers Go Pro: Starting Your Own Brewery” panel was packed. Like much of the conference: Steve Parkes (American Brewers Guild) said he had not spoken before audiences this size in more than 10 years. He looked around on Friday’s Club Night (I wouldn’t even begin to try to describe it, but the room was full of more than 1,000 people and clubs brought more than 500 5-gallon kegs) and simply smiled.

So more than 300 people are crammed in to this room Saturday and I am thinking, “Not all these people can really be thinking about starting their own brewery,” when moderator James Spencer asks just that question and for a show of hands. Scores go up. I think of something the late Greg Noonan told me a dozen years ago:

“When the homebrewers stop entering the profession, and the backyard breweries are squeezed out, then it will become stagnant,” he said. “You gotta keep getting the guys who say, ‘Cool, I can sell the beer I make. I can do it.’ ”

We’re not at the end of the line. Surly Brewing founder Omar Ansari emphasized that toward the end of the proceedings. “The next wave of brewers is coming,” he said.

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AU's Forest Ecology Preserve

Yesterday was a beautiful day, so we decided to take a walk through Auburn University’s Louise Kreher Forest Ecology Preserve on North College. This is a great place to visit if you like hiking, and I suspect some people use the four miles of trails as jogging trails too.

Areas of Interest
Pond, waterfall and streams
Reptile, Fern and Native wildflower viewing areas
Butterfly garden
Old homestead and barn
Turtle Habitat
Long Leaf Pine Demonstration Forest
Wildlife Viewing Blind (area)

Over 15 trails spanning four miles through various habitats (110 acres)
The Frank Allen Turner Amphitheater- a 100 seat multi-level meeting area with restrooms, wheel chair ramp, drinking fountain, and fire pit
Open pavilion with office and restrooms
Kiosks providing maps or trails, the preserve and other educational information
Two large parking areas
Year-round orienteering courses
Global Positioning System (GPS) benchmarks

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funny Pearls Before Swine – Sierra Nevada comic

the May 6, 2010 Pearls Before Swine strip

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